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Immigration to Brunei

Immigration to Brunei



The Sultanate of Brunei, Dar es Salaam, or the Black Gold Island, an ancient island located in the continent of Asia, was established in the fourteenth century, as a mediating country between Malaysia and Indonesia, where it became independent in the year one thousand nine hundred and eighty-four from British colonialism, and it is located exactly in the southeast Asia and the neighboring countries of Indonesia, and Malaysia.

The Sultanate of Brunei consists of four provinces: Pleit, Tatung, and Brunei Mora, and the fourth is Tentroge, which is separated from the rest of the country by the Malaysian town of Lembang. There is a regional conflict between Brunei and Malaysia over the Malaysian town of Lembang, which separates Tantroge from the rest of the country.

The capital of the Sultanate of Brunei is Dar es Salaam. , and social.


Islam is the official religion of Brunei, where the proportion of Muslims is more than seventy percent of the total population, and there is Buddhism by thirteen percent, mostly from China, and Christianity by twelve percent of the foreign minorities present in the Sultanate of Brunei.

The flag of the Sultanate of Brunei

The Brunei flag was designed in the year one thousand nine hundred and fifty-nine under the British occupation, and it is still today. The yellow color in the flag symbolizes the Sultan of Brunei, which is the royal color in Southeast Asian countries, and the white and black colors symbolize the ministers who come immediately after the Sultan. The crescent symbolizes Islam, and Brunei Darussalam is written below it. The two hands symbolize the Sultanate’s commitment to provide safety for everyone on it, and the umbrella symbolizes the Sultanate system in Brunei.

The economic situation in Brunei

Brunei is the third largest oil-producing country in South Asia, and the tenth largest natural gas producer in the world. In its governmental hospitals, and increasing the rehabilitation of infrastructure throughout the country.


The Sultanate of Brunei enjoys a good climate for the cultivation of many agricultural crops, the most important of which is rice cultivation. It has encouraged farmers to cultivate their lands with rice by granting agricultural and financial initiatives that encourage farmers to produce larger quantities of rice to dispense with importing it from neighboring countries.

Immigration to Brunei

Reasons for emigration

  • Work: The Sultanate of Brunei is one of the countries that supports and encourages foreign investments, and there are many job opportunities, especially in the field of work in oil companies, and private work, and the traveler with the intention of work must obtain a special visa for the purpose of residency in the Sultanate of Brunei.
  • Education: A foreign student studying in the Sultanate of Brunei is granted many privileges that encourage students to study in its universities and colleges spread throughout the Sultanate.

Immigration Instructions

A visitor to the Sultanate of Brunei must abide by the following instructions:

  • A visa is required to enter the Sultanate of Brunei if the period of stay is more than thirty days from the date of arrival.
  • Passengers who are given a visa for a specific purpose of visit to Brunei are not allowed to change it when they arrive at the airport.
  • The Sultanate of Brunei prohibits any person classified as prohibited from entering its territory.
  • The laws, customs and traditions of the country must be adhered to.
  • It is forbidden to enter the traveler who holds a passport whose validity is less than six months, and this gives the authority to the Bruneian authorities to return the traveler to where he came from.
  • The traveler’s embassy must be visited in order to register the traveler’s information and data with it, in case he loses his passport, and provide him with all the necessary instructions for him to visit the Sultanate of Brunei.

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