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The most Important Tourist Places in Zurich

The most important tourist places in Zurich



Zurich is one of the Swiss cities, characterized by being one of the largest of these cities at all, and the city of Zurich is located near the lake known as Lake Zurich, located near the borders of the German state from the European continent, and this city is of great importance in the whole world, as it is famous for its great banking services It was able to rank first in the list of the best cities in terms of the possibility of living in it for three consecutive years. [1]

Features of the city of Zurich

Aesthetically, this city is famous for its style that combines tradition and modernity, as it includes buildings dating back centuries, and at the same time, it includes modernity and unparalleled landmarks. The Stock Exchange in Zurich is considered the fourth in the world, in addition to the presence of the Federal Institute of Technology in it, which It is considered one of the best European universities at all. Touristically, Zurich is a beautiful tourist destination, as it includes many important landmarks as follows. [2]

The most Important Tourist Places in Zurich

The most important tourist places in Zurich: [3]

  • Bellerive Museum: This museum is considered an important Swiss museum, as it was able to combine classical arts and modern arts in a charming combination between them. It is also considered one of the important museums in the field of applied arts. These exhibitions include the most important artists of the world, who love to display their artistic creations in such charming forums.
  • Zurich Opera House: This house is considered one of the most distinguished opera houses, as it is the first house to have the honor of lighting it with electric lighting. The house is on Lake Zurich, so visiting this house was a very unique experience of its kind in all respects.
  • Swiss National Museum: This big name includes three museums gathered together, namely the Swiss Historical Forum, the Swiss National Museum, and the Swiss Castle. These distinguished museums specialize in shedding light on Swiss cultural history from the beginning to the present day, as these museums collected the attractive Swiss heritage, It also worked to preserve the Swiss identity from being lost.
  • Zoo: This garden is considered one of the most distinguished zoos in the European continent at all, as it was able to provide suitable environments for the living of various types and types of animals. From here, the visitor to this attractive garden can see many semi-animals from all over the world.
  • Mount Tottel Berg: This mountain is considered one of the city’s most attractive areas for tourists, where the visitor can enjoy the beauty of nature, and he can also spend a good time in the facilities of that mountain.

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