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Apps That Help You Learn Programming And Develop Your Skills

Applications That Help You Learn Programming And Develop Your Skills

Programming skill is one of the most required and desirable skills in our time. As many industries become increasingly dependent on technology, programming has become central to understanding the world of computing, developing applications, and solving digital problems. To facilitate the process of learning programming, many applications have been developed that include tools and features that help beginners learn different programming languages, and help professional programmers develop their skills and learn new programming languages.

Many of these applications are available to iPhone and iPad users in particular. If you are a user of these devices and want to learn programming or develop your programming skills, you can benefit from the following applications :

1- Swift Playgrounds app:

Available only for iPad users, Swift Playgrounds provides a fun and easy way to learn Swift, Apple’s programming language. Apple created this app for novice developers and kids to learn how to build their own apps for their platform.

The app contains puzzles that can be solved with code, and there is also a blank code editor to create your own apps and games.

The app is completely free and guides you step by step on how to build better apps with Swift. This app is ideal for anyone who wants to learn programming and has no prior experience.

Swift Playgrounds is available for iPad users in the App Store for free.

2- Sololearn app:

The Sololearn application includes a wide range of courses for teaching different programming languages, such as: Python, C++, Javascript, Java, and others. With every Sololearn course you take, you will get a special certificate that you can add to your resume. In addition to learning to code through the Sololearn app, you can also improve your programming skills by entering live competitions with other programmers in the app.

It’s free to get started with this app, but you’ll need to subscribe to the premium version to access all the lessons and get rid of ads.

The Soloearn app is available to iPhone and iPad users on the App Store for free, with in-app subscription.

3- Koder App:

If you have minimal programming experience and are looking for an app that can level up your skills, Koder is for you. This app will help you develop your skills in many different programming languages. It allows you to easily share files with others and is compatible with Dropbox and other cloud storage platforms, so you can always access the files you need on any device.

Koder is available for iPhone and iPad users in the App Store for free.

4- CodeSnack IDE:

CodeSnack features the incorporation of AI technology to aid learning to code. When you use CodeSnack to start learning programming, you can ask the AI ​​bot to check the code you entered to find errors or help solve problems you encounter, and this is useful for beginners and experts alike.

CodeSnack has a lot of templates for many programming languages ​​and also allows you to run the code inside the application. 

CodeSnack IDE is available to iPhone and iPad users in the App Store for free, with the ability to subscribe within the application to access all the features it provides.

5- Mimo app:

Mimo helps any beginner or experienced programmer learn a new programming language easily, as it works in the same way as the popular language learning app Duolingo. You can set limits on how much you want to learn on a given day and receive points for achieving your goals.

Mimo will offer you a customized set of lessons depending on the goals you set, and will help you keep track of the number of days you have completed your lessons so you can see your progress. You will also have access to an in-app community of millions of programmers whose expertise you can benefit from.

The Mimo app is available to iPhone and iPad users in the App Store for free, with the ability to subscribe within the app.

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