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Tourism in Switzerland

Tourism in switzerland



Switzerland is one of the Confederate republics, which consists of (26) cantons; It is located on the western side of the European continent, bordered by Germany to the north, the French Republic to the west, Italy to the south, and Liechtenstein and Austria to the east.
What distinguishes Switzerland is that it is a neutral country and has refrained from engaging in any war with neighboring countries since the thirteenth century until now, despite its presence in the heart of Europe. It celebrates its National Day on August 1 of each year; It was founded on the same date in 1291.

Switzerland features

It is considered the cradle of the Red Cross and home to many international organizations. It is part of Schengen, and a member of the European Free Trade Association, although it is not from the European Union or a member of the European Economic Area. It is also distinguished as one of the richest countries in terms of GDP per capita in the world. It is also characterized by linguistic and religious diversity and the application of direct democracy.

The most important tourist places in Switzerland

  • Matterhorn Mountains: It is considered one of the most prominent and famous mountains in Switzerland in particular and the world in general, and it is very high; With a height of about (4478) meters, climbing enthusiasts come from all over the world, and despite its high altitudes, it is not the highest in Switzerland.
  • National Park: This park was established in (1914). It is located in the Alps on the Swiss side. It is also one of the oldest parks in the country. Where you can enjoy the view of the Alps by sitting in this wonderful garden. The garden area is very large; It is half the area of ​​Switzerland, and there are many animals such as: deer, eagles, and badgers.
  • Chillon Castle: It is called “Chateau d’Auchon” and it is one of the famous castles in the region, located near Montreux. The castle consists of (100) buildings, dungeons, and four huge halls, and Lake Geneva can be seen from those halls.
  • Lake Geneva: It is one of the largest lakes in Europe, and one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. The lake is located between Switzerland (60%) and France (40%), when we look at the lake from the top, it is like a crescent in its shape. The area of ​​the lake is about (600) square kilometers, and the views of the lake can be enjoyed by taking a boat tour.
  • Rhine Falls: These waterfalls are located in the Schaffhausen region, and are considered one of the largest waterfalls in the continent of Europe; Where you can see many stunning and stunning views and scenes from many sides.
  • Zermatt: It is a ski resort, and it also contains places for shopping, restaurants, cafes, and others.

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