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Types of tourism

Types of tourism


Definition of tourism

Tourism is a term given to the process of people moving from one place to another, and it includes activities carried out by people who are called visitors, and they are people who carry out travel activity for a period not exceeding a year; To carry out a main purpose, and tourism has different types and forms, including: educational, therapeutic, sports, health, and practical tourism, and it goes beyond the idea of ​​traveling for the reason of spending free time only, and the importance of tourism lies in its economic and social returns; It contributes to advancing economic development, supporting business, and contributing to connecting cultures and societies together, and spreading knowledge about it within other societies. [1]

Types of tourism according to the place

International tourism

International or foreign tourism is tourism that means the travel of individuals outside the borders of the state and entering the borders of another country, and this type of tourism requires entry and exit visas from countries, and the use of a passport, in addition to converting currencies into the currencies of the countries visited in If there is a difference between them, and this type of tourism requires the tourist to learn the customs, traditions, and culture of the country that he will visit. To avoid getting into embarrassing situations, or unintentionally harming other culture. [2]

International tourism is divided into outgoing tourism and incoming tourism. Whereas, outgoing tourism includes people traveling from one country to another, while inbound tourism includes people coming from one country to another. [2]

Domestic tourism

Domestic tourism is tourism that means the movement of individuals within the borders of their country and visiting the tourist places in it, and this means that they do not need an entry visa to a country, and do not need to use their passports, nor convert their currency to another currency, and it may be The duration of domestic tourism is a day or more, and one of the benefits of domestic tourism is that it has positive effects on the internal economy of the state; By supporting the existing businesses in it, this tourism may be easier; Because tourists know the laws of their country, its language, and its customs. [2]

Types of tourism according to activity

Adventure tourism

Adventure tourism is tourism based on recreational activity, including physical activity, whose destination is unusual, exotic, remote, or wild, and is associated with high levels of participation and activity by visitors, most of which take place in the open air. These adventurers are explorers of the outside world, especially parts that are not contaminated, inhabited, or exotic. Explorers also challenge their abilities, challenge themselves, and the strength of their self-motivation. Adventure travelers need special tools and a strong qualification to engage in these adventures. [3]

Cultural tourism

Cultural tourism is tourism based on visiting other cultures, learning about their customs and traditions, integrating with different societies, exchanging information about different cultures around the world, and promoting their culture and distinction among global societies. According to the World Tourism Organization, cultural tourism constitutes 37% of the total world tourism, and is expected to continue to grow by 15% every year. [4]

Religious tourism

Religious tourism is tourism based on visiting the religious places of certain religions, and getting to know the sacred places that carry religious meanings for people who profess that religion. Religious tourism needs to prepare places to receive tourists, and facilitate movement and residence in places where there are religious tourist places. Religious tourism has two types: pilgrimage tourism and religious tourism trips . With the aim of religious knowledge and cognitive guidance. [5]

Medical Tourism

Medical tourism is tourism based on traveling to a specific place; To receive treatment for a disease, or health care, or dental care, or to undergo surgeries that may not be performed or treated in the country in which the person resides, or to search for better treatment in terms of quality or prices, or to travel to stay in a healthy environment suitable for his condition the patient. [6]

There is a kind of medical tourism, which is internal medical tourism, which means people traveling within the borders of the same country; To receive treatment and health care in an area where there are better qualified hospitals and health centers. [6] Medical tourism also includes travel to receive treatment from the natural sources in a country, such as sulfuric or salty water, hot sand, sea mud, or others. [7]


Ecotourism is tourism that responsibly travels to natural areas that preserve the environment and preserve the well-being of the local population. Ecotourism aims to teach tourists and employees alike about the environment and nature, and seeks to protect the environment. preserving local communities, and promoting sustainable travel. Ecotourism is based on the principle of building environmental and cultural awareness and respect, generating financial assistance for both the local population and the private industry in the area they visit, providing direct financial benefits for preserving the environment, and designing, building, and operating low-impact facilities on the environment. [8]

Heritage tourism

Heritage tourism is tourism that is based on traveling to learn about the history of a civilization established in a specific place or country, seeing historical monuments and monuments belonging to certain civilizations, and learning about historical stories about people and places that exist in those countries. Bringing people closer to civilizations and history, and giving them the opportunity to see history more closely, and to get to know history in a more real and realistic way. [9]

Food and beverage tourism

Food and drink tourism is tourism based on travel; To try food specific to a particular culture or country, or learn how to prepare it, or buy it, and try the original taste of eating from the mother country, and taste the food directly and from its original sources fresh, without the need to freeze and transport it, which means losing a large part of its original taste.

Sports tourism

Sports tourism is tourism that is based on traveling to enjoy watching different sports, or attending matches of a game live and directly in the stadium in which it is held, or attending huge sporting events and events that are held at the world level, such as: attending the World Cup, Or the Olympic Games , or a famous sports league, and this type of tourism has begun to spread widely recently; Because of people’s love and attachment to watching sporting events for their favorite teams. [10]

Natural and rural tourism

Rural and Natural Tourism One of the benefits of rural and natural tourism is that it stimulates the links between social and economic contexts, enhances links and interactions between activities and local characteristics, and contributes to sustainable local development. There are many types of natural and rural tourism, including: agricultural, rural, wild, forest tourism, and others. [11]

Educational tourism

Educational tourism is tourism based on travel. To obtain an educational certificate on a specific subject from a specific educational institution, or to acquire the necessary expertise and skills in a specific field. Educational tourism also includes traveling to attend conferences, training courses, and workshops that contribute to developing people’s experiences, enhancing their knowledge in their field of work or study, and paying Continuous self-improvement process. [12]


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