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Types of tourism professions

Types of tourism professions


Hotel and resort management

The Hotel Manager or Spa Manager is concerned with all aspects of running a hotel or resort, and is responsible for the following: [1]

  • Paying attention to employment, training and supervising employees.
  • Manage the economic matters and budget of the hotel or resort.
  • Maintenance planning.
  • Dealing with customers and complaints.
  • Reservations management.
  • Marketing for the hotel or resort.
  • Ensure that the hotel or resort follows health laws and regulations.

Tourist guides

Tour guides accompany tourists on tours around the city’s tourist places, such as historical places, museums, and other places. Tour guides use their studies and information in order to provide detailed information about these places to tourists for the purpose of education and entertainment. [2]

People who work in the field of tourist guides need to have excellent communication skills, and it may be useful to know another language to deal with tourists easily. [2]

Organizing recreational activities

Leisure Activity Co-ordinators typically work with hotels and resorts, and are responsible for the following tasks: [1]

  • Ensure that all recreational activities proceed as planned without problems.
  • Organizing health and sports activities, and so on.
  • Marketing recreational activities.
  • Interaction with customers.

Travel agency management

People who work in travel agencies (in English: Travel Agent) are responsible for organizing tourist trips for customers, but their role does not end with that, as they are also concerned with the following matters: [3 ]

  • Customers stay in comfortable and suitable hotels or accommodation.
  • Customers can easily obtain a visa if they need it.
  • Customers obtain suitable tickets for travel.

Persons working in travel agencies must have the following characteristics: [1]

  • Organization skills.
  • Pay attention to details.
  • Make decisions with confidence and without overthinking.

Writing articles related to travel

People can work in the field of tourism by writing tourism articles (in English: Travel Writer). It is possible to write articles specialized in the following: [3]

  • Historic places.
  • Vacations.
  • Adventures.
  • hotels.
  • Civilization.

Chef management

The chief chef (in English: Executive Chef) is concerned with supervising the chefs, and everything related to the restaurant, through the following: [2]

  • recruitment.
  • training.
  • sterilization.
  • Planning a menu of dishes.
  • Ensure the quality of food.

Tourism management

The Tourism Manager is interested in all tourism matters in his region, and that is through marketing tourism in this region using advertisements and other marketing methods, in addition to assisting tourists from different cultures, customs, and traditions. [3]

Organizing activities and conferences

Event and conference organizers are interested in organizing activities in all their details, as they work within a large team, and pay attention to the smallest details, from the speakers, the location of the activity, to the important printed materials during the activities, and it is important that these people have the following characteristics: [ 1]

  • The ability to make decisions quickly and without overthinking.
  • Pay attention to details.
  • Dealing with customers and suppliers.
  • Work and adhere to accurate delivery dates.
  • Working long hours.


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