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Why you should travel to Rome

Why should you travel to Rome


Incentives to travel to Rome

There are many reasons that encourage visitors to come to the city of Rome , and the following are mentioned the most important of these reasons:

  • Culture and Art: The city of Rome is distinguished by its culture, as it includes one of the most regions in the world rich in cultural heritage; It includes a large number of artworks, and cultural centers such as museums, galleries, and ancient palaces.
  • Fashion: Italians are famous for keeping pace with fashion and fashion shows, as the city of Rome includes many shopping centers, and clothing stores with famous brands, and thus it is considered a destination for fashion and fashion lovers.
  • Weather: Rome has a generally mild weather, allowing visitors and tourists to enjoy the wonderful weather.
  • Living costs: Rome is not considered an expensive city or with a high cost of living compared to some other European countries and cities; Public transportation is cheap, and guest houses can be accommodated for a small amount compared to hotels.
  • Monuments of Ancient Rome: The city of Rome is rich in ancient archaeological historical monuments , such as temples, churches, ancient squares, columns, and ruins combined with modern structures . [2]
  • Architecture: The ancient Romans were famous for their ingenuity in designing and engineering buildings, so many monuments witnessed this, such as the Colosseum , which is the largest amphitheater in the world, and the Pantheon, which includes the largest open dome from the top in the world. [2]
  • Delicious food: Rome is distinguished by its many delicious dishes and specialties, the most famous of which are pizza, Roman artichokes, and spaghetti carbonara, which was first invented in the city of Rome. [3]

Travel goals to Rome

There are many goals and objectives for travelers to the city of Rome between work, study, Tourism and others, and the following is an explanation of some of each of these goals, which are as follows: [4]

  • Work : Italy has an advanced economy that ranks eighth among the largest economies in the world, and provides many job opportunities and jobs for those wishing to do so, and perhaps the most local jobs in the city are chemical products, the automotive sector, engineering, insurance, and communications, and a job can be obtained through communication. With acquaintances, making direct contacts, or submitting job applications online in Italian.
  • Tourism: The city of Rome attracts millions of visitors and tourists every year; To enjoy watching many distinctive tourist attractions, delving into the city’s ancient history, rich culture, and buildings with stunning architectural design, in addition to stunning landscapes, eating delicious food, and enjoying the sunny atmosphere, and to learn about the tourism sector in Rome and tourist places, you can see the article Tourism_in_Rome And an article about the most important tourist places in Rome .
  • Study: Many people want to visit Rome for study and education; Education in it is of a high level of quality and progress, and students are given many privileges and discounts, whether in public parks, theaters, restaurants, or in sports activities. It is recommended that the student choose an area close to the university, and housing can be shared with more than one person if the budget is limited. [5]

The best time to travel to Rome

Rome is one of the beautiful, picturesque cities with a wonderful atmosphere, but most tourists and visitors agree that the best time to visit Rome is between September and November and between April and May, and the period is characterized by July August and hot and humid weather, while cold weather prevails in the period between December and March, and it is not possible to determine the best time to visit and travel to Rome based on the weather, as there are times when festivals abound, special events, and times when Few crowds, and other factors. [6]

Travel requirements to Rome

Traveling to Rome requires a visa or visa mainly, and citizens of the member states of the Schengen area can enter Rome without the need for a visa; By virtue of the presence of Italy within this region, and entry in this case requires the provision of a passport valid for at least six months, and the traveler in this case is entitled to be present for a period of up to 90 days, and residents of America can enter Rome for tourist or commercial purposes without a visa (maximum period of time). 90 days), as for visitors coming from countries outside the Schengen area, it requires them to obtain a visa or visa, and it is submitted through visa centers, and the traveler’s desire to stay requires more than 90 days to have a residence permit. [7]

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