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Arm Announces New Chips That Will Revolutionize The Phone Industry

Arm Announces New Chips

The British company Arm announced today, Monday, the introduction of a new architecture for mobile chips, which it said will improve the performance of phones, especially with regard to energy consumption.

The Taiwanese MediaTek company , which specializes in the manufacture of smart phone chips, said that it will use the new architecture in the next generation of its chips.

MediaTek, a longtime supplier of low- and mid-range smartphone chips, is seeking to consolidate its presence in the high-end smartphone chip market, which was previously dominated by the US company Qualcomm, which has been locked in a legal battle with Arm since the year Past regarding chipset licensing agreements.

In a post on its blog , Arm quoted (MediaTech) as saying that the new chips will help improve the performance of the next generation of smartphones.

It is reported that Arm sells the schematics that chip designers use to build their own devices.

Now, the company is launching Immortalis-G720, a chip for video image processing and AI applications, and Cortex-X4, the chip that will be the basis for mobile devices, at Computex in Taiwan .

Arm Announces New Chips That Will Revolutionize The Phone Industry 1
Introducing Arm Immortalis G720

(ARM) said that both of the new chips have 15 percent better performance compared to the previous generation, and the (Cortex-X4) chip consumes 40% less power, which is important for smartphones that need to preserve battery power for a long time.

The British company added that it had reached, with the Taiwanese electronic chip maker TSMC, the final stage of the process of designing integrated circuits or printed circuit boards for the (Cortex-X4) chip before sending it to manufacturing, which is a costly process that is usually carried out by chip designers who They sell the final slide, such as: (MediaTek).

When asked, General Manager of Arm’s Customer Line Business, (Chris Berge), that what the company did with (TCMC) from reaching the final stage of the design process before sending it to manufacturing means that the company is seeking to manufacture the chip to sell it instead of Its old business model of providing schematics to chip makers, he said, has to take that step occasionally to help test new manufacturing technology for customers. He added, “(Arm) is not in the business of selling chips. This is not what we do.”

The Financial Times reported last month that Arm was developing its own chip to showcase the capabilities of its designs.

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