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Top Platforms for Children to Learn Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Platforms for Children to Learn Artificial Intelligence

The current generation of children has grown up surrounded by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning applications. Almost everything they use now incorporates AI, so it is important to teach them the fundamentals of these technologies. This helps them develop their skills and prepares them for a future where these technologies are prevalent.

There are many free and paid resources available online to support your child’s learning journey in these modern technologies. Today, we will highlight some platforms that help children learn AI and machine learning:

1- Kubrio platform:

Kubrio is an online learning platform designed to educate children. It aims to assist children in developing their skills based on their individual needs and interests. It offers diverse topics tailored to each child’s interests and learning pace. Kubrio also provides an AI Prompt Engineering Lab, where children learn how to use the best AI tools online, such as ChatGPT, to create engaging content, design aesthetic visuals, develop interactive and professional games, and programs.

2- Create & Learn Platform:

Create & Learn is a platform that follows the STEM education approach, aiming to develop children’s skills in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The platform offers various classes that help children explore the world of robotics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. The curriculum on this platform is designed by teachers and experts from leading American universities such as Stanford and MIT. The classes are available for children aged 7 to 18 and are taught online in an interactive and practical manner.

3- Machine Learning for Kids Platform:

Machine Learning for Kids was founded by Dale Lane, a software developer at IBM, in 2017. The platform aims to teach children how to train machine learning models and use them to create projects and interactive games. For example, children can train models to recognize images or numbers and then use these trained models with programming languages like Scratch or Python to develop games. This platform is free and user-friendly, requiring no complex installation or setup.

4- Experiments with Google Platform:

Experiments with Google is a free platform that offers simple interactive projects for learners of all ages interested in understanding how AI and machine learning work. Google provides over 1612 projects and experiments, many of which do not require any programming experience. You can choose suitable projects based on your child’s level of expertise.

5- AI World School Platform:

AI World School offers online courses in AI and programming for children aged seven and above. The courses are designed by a team of teachers and technical experts. In addition to training courses, the platform provides affordable educational resources for parents and teachers who want to introduce their students to future technologies. The “Project Hub” section offers AI projects with costs ranging from one to three dollars, allowing you to filter projects based on age category and skill level. The platform also provides free games in the “Play AI for Free” section, such as an interactive chatbot called Zhorai, which engages children in conversations about animals and asks them to guess where these animals live.

6- AIClub Platform:

Nisha Talagala, a Ph.D. holder in computer science from the University of California, founded AIClub in 2019 when she couldn’t find an easy and fun program to teach her 11-year-old daughter AI. AIClub’s curriculum is designed to help elementary, middle, and high school children learn AI and explore their passion through creative applications. The curriculum is developed by experts in computer science and artificial intelligence.

These platforms provide valuable resources and opportunities for children to learn about AI and machine learning. Each platform has its own approach and offerings, so you can explore them and choose the one that best suits your child’s interests and learning style.

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