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Top 5 Best Handwriting to Digital Text Converter Apps

Handwriting to digital

In our contemporary world, the use of digital texts is often considered a necessity, especially in the business field. This makes handwriting- to-text conversion applications extremely important. These applications help to enable the user to type subjects and texts manually without having to worry about the tedious process of transferring them to the computer or phone.

Because these apps can make you more productive at work. So here are the best apps that can convert your handwriting into digital text that can be easily modified and formatted:

Handwriting to digital text converter apps

1. Google Handwriting input app

Google Handwriting input is one of the most popular applications for converting handwriting to digital text. It helps the user to take notes or whatever he wants whenever he wants in a coordinated manner without having to search for a paper and a pen by turning the phone into a stylized notebook.

Among the many useful applications from Google, Google Handwriting input is very effective in recognizing the words written on the screen even if the screen is small. It also does not require a pen to write on the screen accurately.

The application allows the ability to modify the converted texts to fix any error committed by the application, and the application will remember the modification to make it later automatically.

This app is not without its distinct Google touches. Where users can add emojis to texts as well.

2. Pen to Print App

Pen to Print turns handwriting into electronic text that can be easily shared and edited. Anyone can read it simply, which makes it very suitable for anyone who takes many written notes. And he needs to share it with others or simply integrate it into his work.

Pen to Print is also suitable for students who share lectures and lessons and some of them find it difficult to understand the handwriting of others.

At the beginning of using the application for the first time, the user sees the instructions and the application provides examples of his handwriting. So the app can scan his handwriting and convert handwritings into electronic texts.

The application allows the ability to manually modify the text if the scanning error in recognizing some words. However, reviews indicate that it is effective in recognizing most fonts, and also saves the texts it scans on an easily accessible cloud service.

The application can also scan agendas and synchronize them with calendar or other notes. It is a great tool to help you get rid of old ledgers while keeping the data.

To download the Pen to Print app

3. Text Scanner App

Text Scanner [OCR] offers several features that distinguish it from other handwriting to digital text applications. It contains a tool to scan long URLs instead of having to type them on the keyboard, and it also allows the feature to erase phone numbers from paper and save them on the phone without any effort.

The application is fast in performance and can scan and recognize texts in just a few seconds. Even if it is written on a complex background, it also features the ability to recognize over 50 languages.

It’s easy to use Text Scanner to send documents to others or store them on the cloud.

4. Penultimate application

Penultimate turns your smartphone into a writing, sketching and jotting notebook for your quick ideas whether you’re at school, college, work or out and about.

The app gives you the feeling that you are writing in a real notebook. Where you can move between pages seamlessly. The application also features a reminder to send files to others at pre-set times.

This application allows the ability to choose the colors and shape of writing, as well as its distinction in monitoring words with a high ability to arrange notes by dividing them into sections and groups.

Penultimate has a spell check feature which allows the user to eliminate common misspellings.

  • To download the Penultimate app on Android phones .

5. PenReader App

PenReader can transfer manual text from paper to the digital world. It also enables the user to convert handwritten texts on the phone screen into a formatted document that anyone can understand.

New words can be added to the application dictionary by typing and writing them on the screen. To be saved and the application can identify them later.

The app is fast and can spot words in seconds. It also features spell-checking tools to correct typos. As well as the possibility of writing texts on the application screen and converting them into digital texts in the absence of paper and pen or if the user finds it easier.

After you finish working on the file, it is saved on the device or a cloud service that makes it easy to share with others.

PenReader features regular updates and upgrades that make it easy to use. A new useful feature has been added to it that recognizes incomplete and partially written words.

  • To download the PenReader application on Android phones.

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