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WhatsApp Officially Announces Support For The Message Modification Feature

whatsapp Message Modification

Today, Monday, the WhatsApp instant messaging service officially announced support for the message modification feature, in a long-awaited step, and perhaps this feature is one of the most important features launched so far.

And WhatsApp, which is owned by Meta, said in a post on its blog: “Sometimes you send a message and then discover an error in it or change your mind about what you wrote, and that is why we developed a feature that allows you to modify the messages that you sent.

And WhatsApp added: “From correcting a simple spelling error to including additional context with the message, we are pleased to provide you with more control options in your chats.”

And according to the most widely used instant messaging service worldwide, all you have to do is press and hold on the sent message and choose “Edit” from the menu, within a maximum of fifteen minutes from the time the message was sent.

And WhatsApp warned that the phrase “modified” will appear next to the modified messages, “so that the people you message are aware of the existence of a correction without showing them the modification history.

As with all messages, media, and personal calls, messages and user modifications to them are protected by end-to-end encryption technology.

This, has started rolling out this feature to users worldwide and will be available to everyone in the coming weeks.

It is noteworthy that the message modification feature comes seven days after the announcement of the launch of the Locked Chats feature, in an effort to enable users to give more privacy to sensitive chats.

It also comes after announcing the launch of a number of new features, including poll updates and forwarding messages with explanations.  In late April, it announced support for using the same account on several phones.

This, users can download the WhatsApp application for Android through the Google Play Store, and for the iOS system through the  App Store  from Apple. The application can also be downloaded for other mobile and desktop devices through its official website .

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