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Apple Releases Version 16.5 Of IOS And IPadOS

Version 16.5 Of IOS And IPadOS

Today, Thursday, Apple began releasing version 16.5 of its two systems: (iOS) and (iPadOS) iPadOS, which brings some changes before announcing the next big version soon.

The American tech giant is preparing to launch version 17 of its mobile operating systems, such as: (iOS) for iPhones, and (iPad OS) for personal computers.

Compared to the previous versions that were launched during the past period, the new (iOS 16.5) and (iPad OS 16.5) systems are classified as small, as the most prominent feature that it comes with is sports information in the Apple News news application.

Specifically, the Apple News app has a new Sports tab that provides “easy access to news, scores, standings, and more for the teams and leagues you follow,” which means it could be an easy way to catch up on the sports you care about in one place.

There are also new sports-focused scorecards and schedules that will include information on specific games. The update also includes some fixes for issues, such as: an issue that causes Spotlight to become unresponsive.

iOS 16.5 also addresses an issue where CarPlay’s podcast feature would not load content.

The update also fixes an issue that may cause Screen Time settings to be reset or not sync across all devices.

And Apple said in the bulletin for the new (iOS 16.5) system: “Some features may not be available in all regions or on all Apple devices.”

It is noteworthy that the new update comes prior to the announcement of version 17 of the (iOS) system during the annual developer conference WWDC, which is scheduled to be launched on June 5th.

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