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Tourism in Japan

Tourism in Japan


Tourism in Japan

The country of Japan is considered one of the most popular travel destinations in the world, as it contains many tourist places that mix between modernity and originality, which are represented in temples, buildings, etc., and it also has a list of modern achievements in technology and architecture, and it is characterized by its containing A large group of islands, in addition to its rugged mountainous nature and lush vegetation . [1] [2]

The most famous cities in Japan

Among the most famous Japanese cities that can be visited are the following: [3]

  • Tokyo: This city contains a large group of skyscrapers, in addition to huge shopping centers, distinctive neighborhoods, and famous brands, as it has a lot of activities that can be done.
  • Matsu: It is a tourist city that contains many cultural and historical monuments such as the castle and some museums. It also contains a quiet and charming lake called Shinji Lake.
  • Nagasaki: The city is located among the hills in Japan, and it is a vibrant cosmopolitan city, containing many monuments, museums, churches, temples, and distinctive cuisine.
  • Sapporo: This city is distinguished by its hot springs, charming mountains, and lively nightlife. It also contains some huge markets and restaurants, and many festivals are held in it.
  • Osaka: The city is characterized by its wonderful lights, beautiful river, distinctive music performances, and the spread of local arts.

The best tourist places in Japan

There are many tourist places in Japan, including the following: [4]

  • Kiyomizu Temple: It is a Buddhist temple located in eastern Kyoto, in which there is an internal waterfall that flows from the outer river, and it contains many works of art and shrines.
  • Himeji Castle: It is the best example of Japanese architecture, as the castle was fortified to defend the country against enemies during the feudal period, and it was built several times over the centuries, as its design reflects different periods of time, and it is widely used in domestic and foreign films, due to its unique design Its kind, attractive beauty.
  • Mount Fuji: It is located near the coast of Japan, and it is considered the highest mountain in it, with a length of approximately 3.776 meters. .
  • Todaiji Temple: It is located in Nara, and it is the largest wooden building in the world. It also contains the largest statue of Buddha, and some artifacts of Japanese and Buddhist history.
  • Tokyo Imperial Palace: It is the palace inhabited by the imperial family in Japan, where it can be visited on January 2 and December 23, in which the imperial family can be seen, and the Museum of History, Japanese Art, and traditional Japanese modernity can be seen.

Ways to get around in Japan

There are many ways in which you can get around in Japan, and they are as follows: [5]

  • Trains: It is possible to travel between rural neighborhoods and Japanese cities by railways spread throughout Japan.
  • Buses: Japan has a comprehensive bus network that can be used on a budget.
  • Planes: Some cities on Banat have airports that allow travel through planes.
  • Cars: You can rent a car and move around freely from the many car rental offices in Japan.
  • Ferries: You can take the ferry to travel between the cities that contain ports in Japan.


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