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Damage and effects of alcohol

Damage and effects of alcohol
A shot glass full of whiskey sitting in front of a model of a human brain. This concept illustrates the dangers that alcohol plays on our cognitive abilities. Photographed on a white background in a studio setting. A clipping path is included.

Alcohol has devastating health effects on the body in the short and long term, and it affects a person’s social life, as well as has severe consequences for societies.

short term health effects

Alcohol has health effects that do not take long to appear on the person, his health and his body, including:

  • The great impact on the brain and neural communication pathways, which in turn may lead to the drunk losing the ability to judge things and events.
  • Influencing the coordination of body movements such as walking and driving, so the drunk is no longer able to coordinate and control them.
  • turbulence.
  • Lack and difficulty concentrating.
  • Speech inconsistency and stuttering.
  • loss deterrent, Where the drunk may break laws and regulations and wreak havoc in committing prohibited acts.
  • Excessive drinking may lead to breathing difficulties.
  • Alcohol may lead to coma.
  • Excessive drinking of alcohol may lead to sudden death.

Long-term health effects

Alcohol has health effects that take a long time to appear on the person, his health and his body, including:

  • Shrinking and shrinkage of the brain tissue of the abuser, according to studies conducted by the National Institutes of Health in the United States.
  • Problems and negative effects in memory.
  • slow thinking.
  • pancreatitis.
  • Oral cancer.
  • Throat cancer.

  • Changes and fluctuations in mood and behavior, such as depression.
  • Increased risk of myocardial injury.
  • Heart rhythm disturbances.
  • high blood pressure.
  • brain attack.
  • Esophageal cancer.
  • Breast cancer.
  • The effect on the immune system weakens it, which increases the possibility of a drinker suffering from diseases such as lung infections.
  • Fatty problems and fluctuations in the liver, which leads to inflammation, and in some cases may lead to failure in it.
  • alcoholic hepatitis.
  • cirrhosis of the liver.
  • Liver cancer .

Effects on the fetus of a pregnant mother

Alcohol addiction leads to the destruction of the addicted person’s life in all aspects. His working life deteriorates, and he may then lose his job or job position, and the addict’s family is greatly negatively affected; Where the wife and children of the addict suffer, and they live a life filled with anxiety, fear and instability, which can lead them to diseases and disorders, and the addict, after his addiction, remains away from his social relationships, friends and family, and becomes lonely with worries, and this loneliness may lead him to after its unfortunate actions.

Effects on society

Society suffers a lot as a result of the increase in the number of alcohol abusers , and from the damages that affect society:

  • High risk of traffic accidents, as a result of loss of concentration and awareness when drunk.
  • The high risk of homicide and suicide, as a result of the psychological state in which the drunk is preferred when there is a lack of concentration.
  • Violent and dangerous behavior of individuals.
  • The cost of health care as a result of the diseases caused by alcohol use, The family and the state incur these costs in different proportions that differ from one country to another.

The effects of alcohol on various body systems

Alcohol harms many organs of the human body and infects them with ills, including:


The functioning of food in the digestive system is normal for a person who is not addicted, but in the human body that is addicted to toxins or alcohol, the food contains toxins and alcoholic beverages , so food moves quickly in this system without the need for digestion, and from it it passes into the blood moving to all parts of the body, after Therefore, the liver is trying to be exposed to these toxins on the lookout – as in the normal human body – but it is not possible for it to continue this work naturally for those who drink alcohol; Where the liver is affected and cirrhosis, the stomach is affected by expansion and relaxation, and this causes flatulence, and digestion is disturbed, and thus food combustion decreases as a result of addiction, which causes an abundance of grease, and the user’s weight increases by the accumulation of the fatty layer stored under the skin.

the kidneys

The kidneys filter the blood from the toxins attached to it, and in the normal human body, the blood reaches filtered from the side of the liver, but in the case of the abused person, the liver is unable to do its job, and therefore the kidneys perform this task, which leads to their injury with great danger.

Nervous system

Drinking alcohol results in anesthesia in the upper nervous centers, which causes slow blood flow in the brain artery , and thus perform involuntary actions; Such as trembling hands, staggering, delirium, dementia, weakness of the senses, lack of a sense of responsibility , and disturbance of mental ability that may lead to insanity, and it also weakens the capabilities of the mind to the extent that the drunk is unable to do the simplest arithmetic work. [6]

Facts about the harmful effects of alcohol

The World Health Organization referred to many facts about the harms of drinking alcohol, including:

  • Drinking alcohol causes the death of about 3.3 million people annually, and this constitutes approximately 5.9% of all deaths around the world.
  • Causes death at an early age for the abuser; About 25% of all deaths in the 20-30 year age group are attributed to alcohol consumption.
  • It causes a range of psychological and behavioral disorders, and many common and uncommon diseases. The relationship between alcohol abuse and these diseases has been proven.
  • It causes great losses in the social and economic sphere.
  • The researchers emphasized that there are great losses incurred by institutions and companies in the United Kingdom. They estimated the losses as a result of workers suffering from “wine sickness” during the heavy drinking holiday seasons at 260 million pounds, or approximately 409 million dollars.
  • A survey of 1,500 people was conducted for the lastminute.com website, the travel website, and the results showed that nearly 25% of employees and workers work for no more than 4 hours on the day after their companies celebrate Christmas.

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