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The New CEO Of Twitter Makes Her First Comments

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Newly appointed Twitter CEO Linda Iaccarino said in a tweet on Saturday that she was moved by owner Elon Musk’s vision to create a brighter future, and that she was excited to help transform the social media platform.

It was the first time Iaccarino had spoken publicly since news broke Thursday that she was in talks to become Twitter’s next CEO.

Musk announced Iaccarino’s hiring last Friday. The billionaire has held the position of CEO of Twitter since its acquisition of a deal worth $ 44 billion on October 28.

Iaccarino said in her tweet : “I have long been impressed by Musk’s vision to create a brighter future. I am excited to help bring this vision to life for Twitter, and to transform this company together!” She added that she pledged to change the future of Twitter and that user feedback is essential to building (Twitter 2.0).

It should be noted that Iacarino was, until last Friday, the position of global advertising director at NBCUniversal.

Iaccarino will manage the social media platform, which has been trying since late last year to reverse the decline in advertising revenue and is facing other challenges, in addition to its heavy debt burden.

Since Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, many advertisers have fled the platform for fear that their ads will appear next to inappropriate content after the ban was lifted on many controversial accounts, and the change in content restriction policy with the company losing nearly 80 percent of its employees.

Musk acknowledged earlier this year that Twitter had suffered a massive drop in ad revenue.

Musk tried to compensate for the shortfall in revenue through the new subscription service (Twitter Blue), which offers a number of exclusive features, such as: the blue authentication badge.

And while Musk said that (Iaccarino) would help build the “universal application”, which he previously said could offer a variety of services, such as: peer-to-peer payments, his choice of an expert in the field of advertising indicates that digital ads will remain. The focus of the company.

Musk, who is also CEO of Tesla, said on Friday that hiring Iaccarino as the new director of Twitter will help him devote more time to the electric car maker.

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