The world's newest Amika robot frightens experts... - 9oole

The world’s newest Amika robot frightens experts…

The world's newest Amika robot

A British laboratory specializing in the manufacture of robots revealed its latest innovations, which were described as “terrifying” and frightening due to the great realism of the robot.

Experts described the new robot, called Ameca, as frightening, as its movements seemed very similar to the truth as a result of its natural movements, which are very similar to the “terrifying” robot that appeared in the form of a girl in one of Will Smith’s films called “I am the robot.” .The British company “Engineered Arts”, which specializes in designing and manufacturing recreational robots, revealed the new robot, which was considered the most advanced in the world, according to the British “Daily Mail” .

And many expressed their surprise when seeing the new robot because of its extreme realism and great human resemblance, as stated in the British newspaper.

Some of them expressed their deep fear of the end of the development of these robots, as one of the followers expressed his great admiration, and said: “I know that we are supposed to be afraid of artificial intelligence, but this is the first robot that did not scare me. It is very cool.”

Another said, “His secret is in the eyes. People recognize the importance of the eyes when it comes to something that has to look alive. With the rapid movement, focus, brilliance (of the eye), and the attention they seem to give to whatever catches their eye… It’s great.” .

In the scenes published by the company for its new robot, it is noted that there is great harmony in the movement of the face and hands, and the noise caused by the movement of the internal parts has decreased significantly, and the movement of the eyes is a sign that resembles reality.

Source Engineered ARTS

Although the robot is still in the testing phase, it has received great attention from followers, due to its remarkable and flexible movements, but its costs have not been announced until this moment.

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