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Virtual Reality glasses, harms and side effects and tips to avoid them

virtual reality glasses

Virtual reality glasses are the unrivaled trend of 2017, as users are rushing to buy them and manufacturers are competing to provide the best version of them, because they offer a completely new experience that takes the user to another world and astounds his senses, as well as adding realism to electronic games and raising the level of entertainment.

And because this technology may be considered new and is still in its infancy so far, besides the amount of entertainment it provides to its user, but it has many damages and mental and physical side effects, since it depends in its use on the great concentration of the user and interaction with the body.

How does VR Glasses work?

Virtual Reality glasses, harms and side effects and tips to avoid them 1

In order to understand the potential problems that may occur when using virtual reality glasses, it is important to appreciate the biological mechanism that occurs when viewing stereoscopic vision.
When you look at any holographic display, there is a hunch, because there are two mechanisms that work together when you look at something in the real world, and they are subject to completely different rules in the virtual world. In the real world, our eyes focus, match, and group the image when looking at a specific point in the visual space in front of us, and this is a normal reflex.
Marty Banks, professor of optometry and a psychologist and neuroscientist at the University of Berkeley, USA, explained this, saying, “The distance you have to approach and the distance you have to focus your eyes on are exactly the same. in which we live.”
But with virtual reality glasses, our eyes are always focusing on a specific point, and during that it tries to deviate towards the objects that appear in front of it either in the long or near term, and this mismatch is known as the adaptive differentiation struggle, which is the reason behind the discomfort and discomfort that some users feel Virtual reality glasses.
Banks continued, “We believe that the brain in this case struggles against the natural adaptation that it normally does to face this problem, and this makes some people uncomfortable, tires their eyes, and in some cases causes them nausea and headaches.

Damage and side effects

Virtual Reality glasses, harms and side effects and tips to avoid them 2

But recently, many cases of illness resulting from the use of these glasses have been observed, including unconsciousness, epilepsy, eye fatigue and nausea, any symptoms similar to motion sickness.

These cases prompted some users to treat the glasses with caution, and others to stay away from them completely, and it is worth noting that it is not recommended to wear them for children under the age of 13, as they harm the motor coordination between the hand and the eye.

Therefore, researchers and scientists studied these symptoms and collected them with what is called (sim sickness), short for simulated diseases, and it has been explained that the brain receives data from all senses when the body walks in the real world and this is done in perfect harmony within the body, but this does not happen in the virtual world. It remains thus “incomplete”.

These symptoms were not a cause for concern, as they disappear after a short period of taking off the glasses, but fears are increasing about the long-term side effects, which prompted scientists to conduct more research and experiments to show its permanent damage.

Laboratory experiments on mice that have been exposed to the virtual world have proven that many brain cells completely collapse and become unable to work, and what is worse is that the maps drawn by the brain in normal conditions are erased when entering the virtual world.

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