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The most amazing astronomical events that you will see with your eyes in 2022

astronomical events 2022

It only requires the use of your naked eyes and a little of your time, and prior knowledge of these events, which is what Al-Alam magazine will present to you through the following report.

  • Solar Eclipse:

In terms of astronomical phenomena, 2022 will be a good year, especially for the phenomena of the sun and the moon, as the world will witness two solar eclipses, the first will be on April 30 and the second on October 25, in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and the entire countries of the Arabian Peninsula, we will be able to partially see the October eclipse , where the moon will cover 25% of the area of ​​the sun’s disk in Egypt, to appear in the afternoon as a somewhat large crescent.

A solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes in front of the sun for those on Earth, blocking its light from us for a period of time, either completely or partially.

This event begins at 11:58 Egypt time, and the area covered by the moon increases gradually until we reach the peak of the eclipse at 13:08, after which the moon withdraws from the sun’s disk little by little until it leaves it completely at 14:16. To observe the eclipse phenomenon, you must use special glasses, which are usually sold in libraries and astronomical observing tool stores, as well as beware that you use observing tools such as binoculars or a telescope without special tools to observe the eclipse, because this may be very harmful to your eyes.

  • Fun lunar eclipse:

As for the lunar eclipse, the year 2022 will witness two eclipses as well, on May 16 and November 8. For Egypt and the Arab world, we will partially see the eclipse of May, while the second will not be able to see it; It is only seen in Southeast Asia and Australia.

The most amazing astronomical events that you will see with your eyes in 2022 1
Credit: NASA Partial lunar eclipse 

An eclipse occurs when the moon passes behind the Earth’s shadow as it orbits around it. It’s like turning on a big lamp in a room (the sun) and then passing behind a wall or piece of furniture in the shade.

The eclipse begins at 3:32 a.m., Egypt time, as the face of the moon will appear to have become less bright than usual for about an hour, and then at 4:27 a.m. the moon begins to erode little by little when it enters the shadow of the earth, and this continues until sunrise. .

  • giant moon:

The giant moon is an interesting phenomenon for adults and children alike. It occurs when the phase of the full moon coincides with the presence of the moon at its closest distance from the Earth, in which case the moon is clearly brighter and larger in size.

At 13:52 Egypt time on June 14, the full moon phase begins and continues throughout the night, but at 1:21 it is at its closest point to Earth, and therefore that entire night will be the best opportunity to observe the giant moon in 2022, there are no specific tools to monitor Giant moon, just step out on the rooftop or balcony and enjoy seeing the moon in all its glory.

  • meteor showers:

In general, on any night you can see a meteor or two, it is usually a fun sight for everyone, but on certain nights of each year, meteors fall at very large rates, up to 120 meteors per hour, and this happens due to the passage of the earth – during its revolution around the sun – With some of the remnants of a comet or an asteroid, that remnant enters the atmosphere at great speeds and burns up, making the meteors that we see.

The most amazing astronomical events that you will see with your eyes in 2022 2
Credit: NASA

In 2022 we will unfortunately not be exposed to many meteors, because the moon will be shining on those special nights, which drastically hinders the vision of meteors, but despite that you can see a few of them if you look at the sky for a full hour, for example on the night of April 22 ( dawn), and August 13 (dawn).

  • Moon and planet dances:

Some planets appear in the night sky as bright as stars, this happens because they reflect sunlight like the moon does, but they are very far from Earth, sometimes in the night sky planets are paired together, and the scene in this case is wonderful.

For example, if you go out to the balcony or go up on the roof of the house at dawn, starting on March 20th, you can see three bright objects clearly in the sky to the east, they are the three planets, Venus, Mars and Saturn.

Venus shines white in the sky like a shining lamp, while Mars is less bright with its distinctive red color, and Saturn appears in a yellowish color, and is about the level of brightness of Mars. By March 28, the crescent joins this trio to make together a wonderful quadrilateral that you see with your eyes.

On the other hand, the most beautiful conjunctions of the planets in 2022 will occur at dawn on June 24; You can see five planets at once lined up together with the moon in the middle, and they are in order from top to bottom in the sky: Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, and then Mercury, which is standing a short distance above the eastern horizon, and seen just before sunrise.

On the evening of February 16, you can see the moon standing next to a star shining in white. This is Regulus. This star is about 77 light years away from us, and its age is Only a few hundred million years old, this means that it is a very young star compared to the Sun, which is 4.5 billion years old.

And you can see the moon standing on top of another star, Antares, on the evening of July 10. Exploding a massive supernova, leaving a neutron star or black hole in the background, it would be a wonderful celestial event, but unfortunately we won’t be here to witness it.

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