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Windows 11 features

Windows 11

To overcome many of the problems of previous versions of the Windows operating system, Microsoft announced the launch of Windows 11, as Microsoft worked to improve the work environment in the interest of both the developer and the user, and focused on several areas, including the new Microsoft Store, web development and games in addition to New features in native Windows applications.

The new Microsoft Store:

Easily find the apps you need and the shows you want to watch Microsoft unveiled its new Store for Windows 10 and Windows 11, and announced support for Android apps available in the Amazon Appstore.

Users can install apps directly from the browser with just one click by using the new Popup Store feature, and it will be easy for developers to add this capability to their site using the new Store Edges.

Also, a new feature will be added to the store, which will be called Stories, which will help customers explore the content offered by telling them the characteristics and stories of these applications, which will help build a kind of trust between the developer and its customers.

Web development improvements:

Microsoft announced its new open-source, public-engagement tool, PWABuilder3, to help build PWA: Progressive Web Apps from a user’s web application as quickly as possible.
The always-updated WebView2 Runtime is also included with Windows 11 to make it easier to take advantage of its web platform as an efficient and secure way to create Hybrid web apps -(3).

To find out more, watch the video:

Windows Apps:

The Windows App SDK, formerly known as Project Reunion, will make it easier to integrate Windows 11 features with user apps, and continue to enable it to reach more than 1 billion users on Windows 10.
The Windows App SDK 0.8 Stable (still called Project) can now be used Reunion bundled in NuGet and Visual Studio Marketplace) which will help the user to access stable updates for Windows UI Library 3: WinUI3 (user experience: UX) framework used to build modern Windows applications, sold independently of Windows As part of the Windows App SDK), and supporting Visual Studio 16.10 development. The Windows App SDK 1.0 will be released later in 2021.

To refresh developers’ experiences and help them design their apps to be familiar on Windows 11, WinUI3 can be used to take advantage of built-in updates to the user interface such as rounded geometries, updated icons, and a new text style, and new materials like mecha also add a meaningful hierarchy.
As for creating and managing application windows easily, Reunion Windowing is used, It works with application code to simplify common operations, and provides new functionality for desktop applications (3).

Games development:

Games will look better than ever with Auto HDR, a unique Microsoft feature with Windows 11 that automatically adds High Dynamic Range (HDR) improvements to games made on DirectX 11 (or later versions) that used Standard Dynamic Range (SDR).
HDR allows a supported game to offer a much wider range of brightness and color values, giving the image an additional sense of richness.

To simplify the development of PC games, Microsoft has made the Game Development Kit (GDK) available to the public for free on GitHub. The GDK contains the tools, libraries, and common documentation needed to create games for PC, and it’s the same GDK base that thousands of developers use today to deliver great experiences to gamers everywhere. GDK adds to the Game Stack suite of technologies we offer today to help developers create, publish, monetize and scale their games.

Windows 11 will continue to have the widest support for devices in the world, from the new Xbox wireless controllers to mechanical keyboards and gaming mice, and the Xbox Adaptive Controller—a unified hub for external devices that helps make games easier to access and is designed primarily to meet the needs of Gamers with reduced mobility – Plus External GPUs – (3,4,6).

Finally, to see the specifications of the device suitable for Windows 11, you can visit the following link: Here


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