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10 ways to make money from the Internet for programmers and developers

ways to make mony from internet

 When we talk about programming and development, we are talking about a world full of creativity in coding and intelligence in analysis and planning. But only a few talk about the economic side of this field. Except for statistics on programmers and developers revenues in foreign countries, which may be frustrating for the Arab user. Therefore, today we would like to suggest to you a comprehensive article that would be the best way to find income opportunities through programming, development and coding skills as well. If you are active in this field, here are some of the most important ways to make money from the Internet for programmers and developers. 

1 – Get started in the field of freelancing and freelance.

In our previous article about the most in demand areas of freelancing, programming occupied the first place, because it is in great demand more than you can imagine, dear developer. Your first step in monetization through programming, and the easiest way to do that is to start a freelancing business. Freelancing does not require more secondary effort from you than the main one, which is development, manufacturing, programming and coding. You will not need other skills such as marketing to promote yourself, your business, or even your company.

We return to free work, which in turn is divided into two parts of business: complete projects, then improvements and developments. Complete projects may not be a suitable idea for you if you are a single individual, and also you do not have experience in completing an entire project (although it is profitable). Enhancements are a good option to get you used to programming and development features. And a better option even if you want to make money quickly without spending a lot of time. To get started, you need to choose the most important freelance and freelance sites (our advice to you, register all of them for better opportunities), then monitor user requests and respond to any software request that you think you are able to accomplish. And, God willing, you will begin to achieve a good income for you from the Internet from the field of development. 

2 – Create your own development company 

It may seem extraordinary, but in fact, since all your activity will be online, there is no need to go out on the ground. Creating an Agency/ Firm may be a good idea for a group of developers who want to take their level to another level.

It only requires creating an introductory website for your company in the beginning, some work that you and your team have accomplished and results for it, and why not add the opinions of some of the previous customers on the site. a marketing agent in this field as well, as you will not wait for a customer to come to you, but you must attend him against his will.

The problem of startups in the field of development, it takes a lot of time to create a name for them in the market, and the beginnings can be difficult and frustrating, and also expensive if your team is made up of people other than your friends. But with time, and if it works, it will be worth the wait. 

3- Provide lessons in development and programming 

I ran into them, I ran into them today (and to be honest, they were the reason I wrote this article). There are a lot of developers and programmers today who have taken the perfect way to monetize programming, providing lessons and then selling them across different platforms. Maybe Udemy (with a big discount) or on other paid platforms. Promote it, market it, and use platforms to promote it for you (like Aqua Web we have amazing discounts 😎) and get a return on every buyer who buys your course. 

The difficulties you may encounter in this method is that you need a lot of money in the beginning, for the purpose of marketing, of course. Create advertising campaigns on social media and more. Do not think that once the course is published on Udemy, you will be poured out for dollars. In fact, the competition is intense, so the owner of the full pocket tilts in his favour.

4 – Create your own projects and earn money from them 

You can always take some time to think of a profitable project, and then build it on your own from scratch. It may be a website that provides a specific service, or a mobile application that provides services to users in turn. Or even a desktop program. 

But, how can you profit from it? The best way to profit from private projects is to fund them. That is, putting things inside your software project that make you money from it. There are many ways to do this, one of the easiest may be to insert ads from companies like Adsense into your software. 

You can include other features such as IAP (or In App Purchase), such as including VIP services within the project that can be obtained through payment. You can even reserve advertising space within your project and sell it as well. But in this case your project should be of great importance and users.

5 – Sell your software projects 

Supply and demand are important things to be aware of. If I tell you to be a customer and ask yourself: I want to buy a website template, where do I get it? The answer will be platforms and sites such as Themeforest, for example, or Codecanyon (for mobile applications) or even Arabic sites such as Picalica for website templates. So why don’t you have a developer or programmer page now, and start building complete and ready-made software projects, and offer them for sale? 

I will be frank with you, it is not that easy, I do not mean programming, but rather upload the project on a store in order to sell it, especially the Envato platform and its services such as Themeforest. I’ve personally experienced this, and I can tell you it’s more difficult than programming itself. However, you can imagine the profits that you may get if users come to your project and buy it.

6 – Earn by creating software content 

If you are a programmer, you can always provide useful programming content to people, and you can even make a profit from it as well. You don’t need to go too far, there is one of the best examples that you can take advantage of, and that is the Aqua Web 😎 . We, in turn, try to provide software content in the form of articles, Facebook posts, Instagram posts, tweets and more. You can also do the same, you can start building a complete software community in which you share all your experiences and knowledge in the field of programming and development. With time, you will be able to earn either by including some ads in your content, reaching promotional deals, and more. Thus, you will be able to earn from your programming experiences by sharing it with others. 

7 – Sell the software information 

Selling software information? What is that? Recently, a group of programmers sought to create so-called programming books or EPUBs. In their simplest definitions, they are detailed and adapted books with content to learn software technology from the ground up. The easiest example of this is the Hsoub Academy platform, which releases almost every month a new book explaining a specific software technology. You can do the example, you can create your own book to learn a technique. And then present it to the public for a good amount of money. If you market it well, you can get fantastic profits from book sales as well. Think about it well, this may be the best software area that you can get into to make money programming.

8 – Creating plugins / scripts and offering them for sale in stores

When we talk about making software things and then offering them for sale, we always think of large projects such as websites, mobile applications, or desktop software. However, making projects like this may take a lot of time, and you may need a team work to make it better. Therefore, there is a better solution, creating add-ons or scripts and offering them for sale in stores dedicated to them. 

What are plugins or scripts? Well the concept is different, but consider it simple software stuff that fits into big software projects. For example, WordPress plugins, or Shopify plugins. As for scripts, they are software codes that do a specific thing, for example, a script that extracts your friends list on Facebook, or a script that fetches Instagram accounts in a specific niche. Such scripts and software can be made quickly if you are a programming expert. Then display them in different stores and make a profit from them. 

9 – Participation in programming challenges / solving complex problems 

Well, this may not be suitable for all people who practice programming, as it requires a lot of experience in programming and development. Many companies (including Google) run different software competitions, where a group of developers compete to create different software according to a set of tasks. Teams or people who excel in these competitions are rewarded. 

Other platforms offer a set of complex software problems that are difficult to solve (such as this site ) that allows you to solve a set of global software problems, or improve the code, then send it and after approval, some money is provided for you. 

10 – Getting a remote job in a company or Startup

Or, if none of the previous 9 methods worked for you, you can search for online work in startups or startups. In the software field, most companies now require remote work. Meaning, you can work from your home, with flexible timing (Flex). You can even work with foreign companies, whether for a long time or a short period of work around one project only. 

One of the problems of the latter is that companies will ask you to either review your software certificates (for this we always review different software certificates), or review your previous projects, and in some cases review your level of education in the field of programming. Which you must prepare one of them in advance before you search for a job.

But, where do I find these companies? It’s simple, rely on platforms like LinkedIn as it is the best platform for finding remote work companies. So are platforms like Google Remote.

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