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Learn about Samsung T7 SSD storage

Samsung T7 SSD

 Samsung is one of the most famous companies that manufacture various technical devices in general. Whether it comes to smartphones, computers, technical accessories, and more.
However, one of the best technical devices that Samsung owns and that is worth getting to know, is the SSD version of the Samsung T7 that comes with a fingerprint and many internal features that may make it one of the best SSDs you have to get. This article is a complete review of this unit. 

Samsung T7 SSD External Storage 

The Samsung T7 SSD is a simple device in terms of the exterior, its dimensions are good almost equivalent to the palm of the hand. You can also carry it with you anywhere and use it on various devices. However, there is a small piece at the bottom of the storage unit which is a fingerprint reader, which is the most important feature of the device. The device is available in silver and black by the way. It comes with one port at the bottom of the device dedicated to reading the content of this unit. This unit is external storage, not internal, and is readable on any device as long as you have the appropriate cable or adapter.

Samsung T7 SSD Internal Main Features 

Is this unit really powerful? What makes it so? The sure answer is its internal characteristics and main ingredients. It shows us what this unit can do, and its full potential. Here are its most important and prominent characteristics: 

  • Storage space: This unit comes with 3 types of storage space which are 500GB, 1TB, and the maximum space is 2TB
  • Read and Write Speed: Samsung hard drive supports 1050Mb/s read speed and 1000Mb/s write speed. This means that it is able to interact directly with clicks or open files or programs directly through the volume. 
  • It’s 9 times faster than any other standard HDD, making it one of the most powerful hard drives out there. 
  • This makes you able to carry it anywhere and use it in all situations. 
  • USB port class 3.2: If you have a computer that supports reading this type of port, you can reach the speed of reading, writing and transferring the aforementioned with ease. 
  • The device supports AES 256-bit encryption: keep your files safe and secure with high-definition AES 256-bit encryption. 
  • External fingerprint: The device comes in two versions, one that supports a fingerprint, and the other the opposite. The unit with fingerprint support provides you with the ability to prevent intruders by knowing the content of the disc, and only viewing it after confirming the fingerprint in the device. 
  • Color: The device is available in two basic colors, black and silver. 

These are the most prominent features of this device, which provide you with a complete coverage of its features, and what the latter can achieve. 

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Samsung T7 Storage Uses 

This storage unit is suitable for all and all kinds of outdoor uses. You can use it as an external storage device for your computer, for example, to store your private files, and also for a smartphone, and even for gaming devices such as Playstation (externally only). The storage unit, because it is not of the Nvme class, is not valid for internal installation in the computer, that is, to put an operating system on it, for example, and use it as the main unit. 

Samsung T7 SSD price and how to get it 

The price of this unit varies according to the space it comes in. 500GB space is available at $109, 1TB space is available at $174, and finally 2TB space is available at roughly $369. 

As for how you can get it, the best platform for that with good offers is Amazon.
Through the link below: Here

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