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Apple Watch detects symptoms of a thyroid problem

Apple Watch

A nursing student in Australia has encouraged Apple Watch owners to enable heart rate notifications, after a feature on the wearable device helped her detect thyroid symptoms months before she was diagnosed.

Heart rate notifications from the Apple smartwatch helped many people discover their heart problems, prompting them to go and seek more medical help.

And in a recent post on TikTok , it was found that the wearable device can detect changes very early that may become diagnosable months later.

In a February 2 post, the nursing student explained to viewers of the video some of the key features of the Apple Watch that helped her keep her health in check.

She encouraged her followers who have Apple Watches to turn on notifications about low and high heart rates  , irregular heartbeats, and levels of cardio fitness.

The Sydney-based nursing student admitted she should have enabled the features earlier than she did.

She noted that had she done so, she would have known about her own condition earlier. She said she was diagnosed with a thyroid condition a few weeks ago.

“Instead of waiting for my symptoms to get worse, I could have gone to the doctor when there was such a dramatic drop in a matter of days,” she added.

Apple Watch detected problems months before diagnosis

The nursing student explained that there was a significant decrease. This means that the cardiovascular system is not working as well as before.

And she posted a screenshot of a graph from the Health app showing the drop in oxygen consumption. The levels continued to decline as the months progressed without noticing.

The decrease has also been associated with other symptoms, including fatigue, sensitivity to heat, weight gain, dry skin, and increased irritability.

The student admits that the watch was useful, although it is not what she turns to for health and medical advice.

The video has been viewed on Tik Tok more than 36,000 times since it was posted, and has garnered nearly 2,500 likes.

Comments on the video were positive about the heart-related features of the Apple Watch. Including collecting heart rate data for use by clinicians.

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