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Tag Heuer launches the fourth generation of luxury smart watches

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Tag Heuer has officially launched the fourth generation of luxury smart watches powered by Wear OS, the Connected Caliber E4 series, which offers a faster and more powerful processor, longer battery life, improved displays, and additional software features.

Tag Heuer is also bringing back the smaller 42mm size alongside the standard 45mm version, which the company didn’t offer when the Connected Caliber E3 series was released in 2020.

On the outside, the new Connected Caliber E4 45 millimeters has a more streamlined design than the 2020 model, with less massive buttons and a more visible crown to help navigate the watch.

It also has a more traditional design, with a flat sapphire crystal covering the OLED panel and the more expensive titanium option.

The 42 mm version, on the other hand, is more elegant, with a thinner case and smaller bezel that meticulously fuses into the display beneath a domed sapphire crystal.

However, both watches benefit from even greater internal upgrades that Tag Heuer is making with the new models. This includes an upgrade to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 4100 Plus, the company’s most powerful smartwatch processor. 

The watches also benefit from Bluetooth 5.0, and Tag Heuer says this addition allows data to sync with the smartphone twice as fast as the previous generation.

There’s also an altimeter, which joins the existing accelerometer, heart rate monitor, compass, and GPS sensors.

Tag Heuer also promises full-day battery life across both models. There’s also a new vertically oriented charger that uses magnets to keep the watch in place and use as a table clock.

There are also some additional system improvements. Tag Heuer is adding fully functional guided trainings on its Connected smartwatches with the new update.

In addition, there are a variety of new watch faces that integrate more data from things like fitness, sports, weather, and more.

New smart watches provide better specifications

Connected Caliber E4 will not ship with Wear OS 3, the joint effort between Google and Samsung. But instead it comes with the current Wear OS 2. Tag Heuer promises that a free upgrade will arrive in the future when an update becomes available.

Despite the fact that they are smart watches. But Connected Caliber E4 models (like their predecessors) come at a high price.

The company is scheduled to start selling smartwatches on March 10th. The 42-millimeter model costs $1,800. While the price of the 45 mm model starts at 2050 dollars and goes up to 2550 dollars.

Tag Heuer continues its upgrade program, where owners of old Connected smartwatches can exchange them for a cash purchase of new models.

But it’s still pretty expensive for a smartwatch that may become obsolete in just two to three years. 

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