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Google launches Qaya service for digital content makers

Qaya service

A team at Google is launching a new service called Qaya , which allows content creators to easily set up new web storefronts where they can sell their products and services directly to their audiences.

The project is the latest to emerge from Google’s internal project incubator, Area 120, which was recently part of a broader reorganization at the company that has elevated its profile after several of its previous projects exited to various parts of Google, including the cloud, search, shopping and commerce divisions.

The new venture, Qaya, was co-founded by Nathaniel Havery, who previously worked on the Kormo job market targeting the next billion Internet users, specifically those in markets such as India, Indonesia and Bangladesh.

After hearing from dozens of creators about how difficult and time-consuming it is to create their own digital businesses, he came up with the idea for Qaya, a service that would allow them to sell directly to audiences.

And there was a demand for a flexible, no-code product that could act as a single hub where content creators could make money from their work and better connect with their audience.

Qaya’s solution allows content creators to build customized online storefronts displaying their products, services, and other digital downloads, which can then be linked to YouTube’s merchandise shelf and integrated with Google search and shopping.

Through these stores, content creators can include things like photos, files, or e-books, digital arts, photo filters and settings, productivity templates, sewing patterns, fitness videos, and more.

The company says that up to 1,000 products can be hosted per storefront. In addition, if the originator sells physical goods or services through other platforms. The import function allows him to display these items on his Qaya page, integrating with his personal brand.

Each store also gets a custom URL that can be used in place of the links they put across social media sites.

Google aims to allow content creators to sell more products

These services allow content creators to create small websites that indicate their diverse online presence. Including social media channels, stores, blogs, music, podcasts, and more.

Qaya Stores also allow content creators to display links to their other online accounts. But the site’s larger purpose is to connect fans directly to the content the creator is offering for sale.

Google Pay is integrated into Qaya, and supports a variety of monetization types. Including subscription, tip and one-time payments. Qaya also provides insights and analysis into how content creators’ products are performing in terms of sales.

The product is currently free to use, with monetization managed on a transactional basis. That is, content creators keep the vast majority of the revenue they make from the products they upload and sell through Qaya.

Google says the new service is being launched in beta testing in the United States. But non-US users can join the waiting list while they wait for Qaya to roll out in their country.

Creators who wish to access the trial version can request an invite from the Qaya website.

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