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Apple releases Swift Playgrounds 4 to learn programming language

Swift Playgrounds 4

After it announced in WWDC 2021, released the company Apple application Swift Playgrounds 4.0 , which can be for children and adults use it to learn the programming language of the Swift company.

For the first time, the program allows you to create iPhone and iPad apps directly from your iPad. You can now also use your tablet to upload your completed apps to the App Store using App Store Connect.

In addition, Swift Playgrounds 4.0 comes with a range of quality of life improvements. For example, you can preview changes to your app as you make them in real time.

And speaking of previews, you can now see what it looks like in full screen mode. Apple also added built-in suggestions to help users write code quickly and accurately.

The project search feature is also more powerful as it can now find results across multiple files. There is also a feature to move your projects between Playgrounds and Xcode and back again.

Once you have iPadOS 15.2 installed on your tablet, head over to the App Store to download Swift Playground 4.0.

Swift Playgrounds makes it fun to learn to code and create real apps. You can solve interactive puzzles in the “Getting Started with Code” guide and learn the basics of creating apps in Getting Started with Apps.

You experience a wide range of challenges and samples that allow you to explore unique coding experiences.

Apple allows iOS developers to create apps on the iPad

Swift Playgrounds requires no programming experience, which makes it ideal for learners who are just getting started. It teaches you about Swift and SwiftUI, programming techniques created by Apple and used by professionals around the world to create many of today’s most popular applications.

And because Swift Playgrounds is designed to take advantage of the true iPad and iOS SDK, it provides a unique learning experience.

The lessons created by Apple walk you through the basic concepts of programming using code to solve puzzles. And you can watch your code run in an interactive 3D world that can be rotated and zoomed in.

The animation introduces each new programming concept to a high level before diving into the puzzles. The included glossary and help pages also provide detailed information about the available commands, frameworks, and terminology.

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