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A plant can count

A plant can count
Venus flytrap, Meat eating plant.

Venus flytrap This type of plant grows in soil poor in salts necessary for growth, which formed an evolutionary pressure that led to the development of this plant in a way that compensates for its nutritional components by catching small insects. 

The method of catching insects is based on deceiving the insect by releasing scents that attract the insect to land on the leaves of the plant. 

The leaves of the plant from the inside have trowels that monitor touch and convert it into an electromagnetic signal that triggers direct closing mechanisms of the leaves.

 Curiously enough, this plant is capable of counting, as it does not activate the closing mechanism until after the second interaction with its probe, in order to ensure the success of the suffocation process. Once the insect is closed, digestive enzymes are secreted that decompose the insect so that the plant can digest the components of the insect and compensate for the lack of salt in the soil.

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